How to get high quality backlinks from Google?

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How to get high quality backlinks from Google?

Get Featured as a Knowledge Panel

Knowledge panels are information boxes that show up in Google search beside certain keyword queries. Being featured in one of these panels gives your site authority in Google's eyes. To potentially be included:

Ensure your site offers expert info on a specific topic

You need to establish your brand or site as an authority on the topic. Provide well-researched, in-depth content that demonstrates your expertise. The more comprehensive your coverage, the better chance of being seen as a top site worth including.

Have an associated Wikipedia page

Often the websites and companies featured in the panels also have Wikipedia articles about them. So consider optimizing and sourcing a Wikipedia page to further showcase your brand as noteworthy in your industry.

Feature in curated editorial lists from authoritative sites

Respected media publications and reputable websites like Buzzfeed sometimes reference or recommend expert websites on certain subjects as part of an editorial list or roundup article. For example "Top 10 cooking blogs by professional chefs". If you can get your website featured on such lists curated by authoritative sites in your field, it signifies Google should rank you as a quality site as well.

Produce outstanding helpful content

Creating content so useful, original, or entertaining that others take notice is key to getting included on such lists. Offer unique value that makes you shine within your niche.

Reach out to list creators

Once you have exceptional content worth recognizing, politely contact relevant sites that curate lists and make your case for why you deserve to be included among top recommendations. Follow up periodically with new noteworthy content releases.

Provide resources to Google through structured data

Marking up your pages with structured data gives Google enhanced info to utilize in knowledge panels and other features. Essentially you teach Google more specifics about your content. Providing this rich metadata can lead to integration into Knowledge Graph results. Get started by properly marking up schema like your website, business info, products, videos and more.

Implementing these methods helps Google understand your site’s expertise and gives them fodder to showcase your brand as an authoritative source worthy of backlinks. Focus on producing high caliber content, building recognition, and leveraging structured data to stand out. Work at becoming a valuable expert resource that Google wants to reference rather than trying to take shortcuts. Organic integration through quality and reliability leads to influential backlinks.

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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