Google SEO Practical Technical Articles

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Google SEO Practical Technical Articles

I won’t go into the necessary tools such as domain names and servers that have been mentioned repeatedly. Let’s go directly to the most basic Google SEO tutorial and start the actual combat.

Website loading speed and stability

If you are using WordPress, you need to install plug-ins that can reduce the pressure on your server. There are many caching plug-ins on the Internet, as well as plug-ins that shorten CSS JS files.

Of course, I won’t go into details here, because the task of our article is an advanced version of Google SEO.

Website stability is the most critical. You need a reliable server to support normal access to the website and sudden peak traffic, so we need a reliable server. Of course, if you don’t have sufficient funds, you can choose to try Check out the CDN service. Corresponding hosting providers will provide you with high-quality CDN.

Website content and keyword density

For example, when I am writing this article, the keyword I want my article to appear in the Google search engine is Google SEO, so I will try my best to make this word appear in my article. Of course, the density of our keywords cannot be too high. My personal suggestion is that the keywords should appear in 5% or 3% of the 500 words.

Of course, we cannot forget the optimization of content, because search engines are a very large network organization. You need to optimize your content in a timely manner and what kind of content users like the most. If you write technical articles or professional articles, you need to This article is written more thoroughly and is easier for the audience to understand.

Improve website backlinks

Website backlinks must have you lay out the content in the early stage, and then look for suitable external links, so we need to lay out the content of a new site, and then in three or six months, let our Websites spend their time in the Google search sandbox.

If you don’t know how to find Google backlinks check out our article on finding backlinks.

Website keyword improvement

When you have website content, backlinks, and initial exposure, it’s time to improve your keywords. You can go to the Google Webmaster backend center to check your most frequent keywords in the past three months, and improve your keywords through some DF external links, such as PBN private blog external links, EDU authoritative education external links links, news external links, etc. These anchor links are used to improve your keywords and use this keyword to make your website traffic achieve a higher multiplier breakthrough.

The above is the essence of my content on the advanced version of Google SEO. If you want to improve better, you can understand this article in depth, because there are some things that I cannot publish.

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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