How to get more traffic on YouTube?

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How to get more traffic on YouTube?

How to Get More Traffic on YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, with over 1 billion users visiting the platform every month. This massive amount of traffic presents a big opportunity for creators to drive views to their videos. However, with over 500 hours of content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, standing out can be an immense challenge.

If you want to get more eyes on your YouTube channel and videos, here are some of the most effective tactics you can leverage:

Optimize Your Videos

Optimizing your videos for search is one of the best ways to get YouTube to show them to more people. This includes:

  • Compelling Titles and Descriptions: Use keywords and phrases that viewers are likely to search for. Craft titles and descriptions that make people want to click.
  • Strong Metadata: Fill out the metadata, including tags, captions, cards, end screens, etc. This gives YouTube more signals on what your video is about.
  • Engaging Thumbnails: Thumbnails are the first thing viewers see when browsing YouTube. Creating eye-catching thumbnails can lead to higher click-through rates.

Focus on Watch Time

YouTube wants to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible. So videos that lead to higher overall watch time tend to get promoted more by YouTube’s algorithm.

Some best practices here include:

  • Hook Viewers Early: Start your videos with an attention-grabbing introduction so people don’t click away immediately.
  • Structure for Retention: Use transitions, graphics, B-roll footage, etc. to seamlessly move from one section to another.
  • Concise Runtime: Find the optimal video length for your niche, avoiding overly long or short videos.

Leverage Playlists

Playlists allow you to enhance watch sessions by recommending more relevant videos to viewers. This signals to YouTube that your content is valuable. Ways to use playlists effectively include:

  • Organize by Theme: Group videos into coherent playlists around specific topics or styles.
  • Feature on Channel: Highlight selected playlists on your YouTube channel for visitors to easily find.
  • Link in End Screens: Add playlist links in your end screens to channel viewers from one video to the next.

Promote Off-YouTube

While it’s important to optimize for discovery on YouTube, you can accelerate growth by promoting your videos off the platform. This brings new viewers from external sources.

Some options for off-YouTube promotion include:

  • Social Media Posts: Share your videos on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Embed on Websites: Add YouTube video embed codes to your own blog, site, or external pages with related content.
  • Link in Emails/Forums: Mention your latest YouTube videos in email newsletters, online community posts, forum signatures, etc.
  • Paid Ads: Invest in YouTube and Google video discovery ads to get your content in front of more searchers.

Collaborate with Others

Getting influencers or other creators to feature your YouTube channel can expose your content to new audiences. Potential collaborations include:

  • Shoutouts: Ask YouTubers in related niches to shoutout or briefly feature parts of your videos.
  • Guest Appearances: Offer to be a guest in popular YouTubers’ videos in exchange for them cross-promoting your channel.
  • Co-Marketing: Partner with complementary brands/creators to co-produce and cross-promote videos that help both audiences.
  • Live Streams: Go live and invite viewers from bigger channels by mentioning them to tune in.

Interact with Viewers

Building connections with your viewers fosters loyalty and gives people more incentive to subscribe and watch more of your content. Make sure to:

  • Reply to Comments: Actively respond to comments showing you value viewer engagement.
  • Ask for Suggestions: Request video ideas or other suggestions from your audience to involve them.
  • Offer Exclusive Content: Share special content just for your subscribers such as giveaways or members-only videos.

Consistency Is Key

Posting on a consistent schedule trains YouTube to promote your videos more over time. This allows you to compound growth as each new video builds on previous momentum.

Aim to have a regular upload schedule - even if starting with just once a week or month. Consistency pays off exponentially.

Review Your Analytics

YouTube Studio provides a wealth of analytical data on your channel and videos. Review these metrics regularly to optimize accordingly, including:

  • Traffic Sources: See where views are coming from - YouTube search, suggested videos, external sites, etc. Double down on what works.
  • Audience Retention: Check when viewers drop off from videos so you can improve pacing and structure.
  • Top Performing Content: Identify your most popular videos to produce more high-quality content in those formats and topics.
  • Demographics: Analyze viewer geography, age, gender, intent, etc. so you can better tailor videos to your audience’s preferences.

Implementing even a few of these tactics can significantly grow your viewership on YouTube over time. Consistency and continuously optimizing based on analytics are key for building sustainable momentum. Focus on providing value to viewers and YouTube will reward you in kind with increased video promotions.

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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