What products does Fibermint have in the field of fiber optic boxes?

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What products does Fibermint have in the field of fiber optic boxes?

Fibermint provides a complete range of fiber optic enclosure and terminal solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Its product portfolio includes dome type fiber closures, wall-mount fiber boxes, micro outdoor fiber enclosures, fiber splice closures, fiber access terminals, fiber handholes and various accessories. These fiber optic boxes feature high-density fiber management, flexible cable entry and exit, reliable sealing performance and modular/extendable capabilities. They can accommodate fiber splicing, splitting, testing and monitoring to facilitate FTTx network deployment, fiber cabling projects and 5G front-haul construction. With options for pole, wall and underground mounting, Fibermint's all-purpose fiber boxes are compact, lightweight and easy to install. They ensure absolute protection and clear organization for fiber optic cables and connections in telecom infrastructure and data networks.

What are the fiber optic box products?

Fiber optic distribution box

FDB-4A FTTH Outdoor Distribution Box


  • Applicable for FTTH projects to distribute and manage fiber optic cables from feeder cables to drop cables.
  • Provides an enclosure for fiber splices, connectors, and splitters.
  • Can be installed outdoors or indoors with IP54 rating.


  • Dimensions: 186 x 116 x 40mm
  • 1 main cable port, 4 drop cable ports
  • Accepts cable diameters from 7-12mm (main) and 3mm (drop)
  • Holds up to 4 fiber optic splices
  • Accepts SC, duplex LC adapters (up to 4)
  • Compatible with 1x4 or 1x8 PLC splitters

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Compact and reasonable structure
  • IP54 rating for indoor/outdoor use
  • Accepts standard connectors and micro splitters
  • Adequate 30mm+ fiber bend radius
  • Secured cable anchoring and open ports for easy access
  • Suitable for mechanical splices and fusion splicing
FDB-4A FTTH Outdoor Distribution Box

And there are many more products in this category such as

FDB-6B Outdoor FTTH Distribution Box

FDB-12C 12SC Fiber Optic Distribution Box

FDB-24A Outdoor FTTH Distribution Box

FDB-32R Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution Box for 16+1 LC Duplex etc.

Next, I will introduce Fibermint’s products one by one, so that everyone can understand Fibermint more intuitively.

Fiber optic floor box

GP-T204 Outdoor Fiber Optic Terminal Box

The GP-T204 from GP Telecom is an outdoor fiber optic terminal box designed to protect and manage fiber connections in FTTH networks. With robust IP55 protection, it enables efficient deployment of fiber on poles, walls, or basements.


  • Compact: 180 x 123 x 39 mm
  • Main Ports: 3 x Ø13mm
  • Drop Ports: 12 x Ø3mm
  • Splice Capacity: 12/24 fibers
  • Compatible Splitter: 1:8 micro PLC
  • Protection: IP55 rating
  • Mounting: Wall-mount

Key Features:

  • All-weather protection allows outdoor installation
  • High-density ports supports multiple subscriber connections
  • Ample space for splicing and patching operations
  • Secure cable anchoring and routing
  • Easy wall or pole mounting options

With features like micro-duct ports, high fiber count, IP55 rating and flexible mounting, the GP-T204 simplifies fiber distribution in FTTH networks. It protects your fiber splices, connectors and splitters in rugged outdoor conditions for reliable customer connections.

GP-T204 Outdoor Fiber Optic Terminal Box

For more products, you can directly visit the Fibermint official website to learn more.

Here we start to explain Fiber Optic Splice Closure, which has two types of Dome Closures Half Closures

We choose one Dome Closures to learn more about.

GJS-D0484 Dome Heat Shrinkable Seal FOSC

The GJS-D0484 dome heat shrink FOSC provides robust protection for fiber splices in outdoor environments. With IP68 sealing and compact design, it secures fiber connections from water, dust and other contaminants.


  • Aerial, direct-buried, duct and pedestal fiber installations
  • Suitable for splicing up to 48 fibers
  • Provides flexibility to mount on poles, walls or underground

Key Features:

  • Dome ports with heat-shrink sleeves for cable sealing
  • Waterproof IP68 rating
  • 4 splice trays with 6/12 splices each
  • Circular ports for up to 3 x Ø16mm cables
  • Oval port fits 1 x Ø25mm or 2 x Ø21mm
  • Complete accessories kit included
  • Pole and wall mounting options

The GJS-D0484 contains all the hardy components vital for a long-lasting fiber splice closure. The reliable gasket sealing, ample splice capacity and flexible mounting arrangements make it an ideal solution for FTTx and other outdoor fiber networks.

GJS-D0484 Dome Heat Shrinkable Seal FOSC

Very good, let's continue to explore Half Closures

Fiber Optic Splice Closure-Half Closures

GJS-8BH Fiber Optic Distribution Enclosure

The GJS-8BH is an IP68 rated fiber optic enclosure designed for reliable protection of fiber splices, connectors and splitters in FTTx networks.

Key Applications:

  • Aerial, duct, direct-buried fiber installations
  • Outdoor fiber distribution and drop point
  • Suitable for wall, pole or manhole mounting


  • Dimensions - 318 x 195 x 82mm
  • 2 mid-span ports for Ø7.5-15mm cables
  • 8 drop ports for Ø3-8mm drop cables
  • Holds 24 fiber splices in 2 trays
  • Space for 8x SC adapters
  • Install 1:8 PLC splitters
  • Aerial, wall and pole mounting options

Key Features:

  • Rugged MPP housing withstands harsh environments
  • Waterproof IP68 seals on ports and cover
  • Silicon grommets protect mid-span cable entries
  • Secured cable routing and anchoring
  • Compact to fit congested manholes and poles
  • Pole and wall mounting accessories available

With its hardened housing, generous cabling space and modular accessories, the GJS-8BH simplifies deploying fiber in challenging outdoor conditions, providing complete long-term protection for essential connections.

Fiber Optic Splice Closure-Half Closures

Fiber Access Terminal

FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure

The FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal from FiberHome provides reliable fiber demarcation and connectivity for FTTX networks in harsh outdoor environments.

Key Features:

  • Hardened SC adapters eliminate need for hardened connectors
  • Accepts 16 subscriber connections
  • 2 x Ø14mm mid-span ports
  • Splice trays for 24 fiber splices
  • Install 1:8 splitters easily
  • IP65 rating for all-weather protection

Wall or pole mounting options
With its pre-loaded SC adapters, splicing tray and splitter space, the FAT-8DY enables quick deployment of fiber drops, simplifying field operations. The sturdy IP65 enclosure secures your fiber terminals and connections from outdoor elements.

Typical Applications:

  • FTTH/FTTB fiber demarcation and testing
  • Outdoor fiber distribution/drop point
  • Suitable for aerial, duct and direct-buried installations

The FAT-8DY all-in-one fiber access terminal allows rapid rollout of customer connections in FTTX networks without needing hardened connectors. Just splice fibers, connect splitters and patch to SC adapters for instant customer activation.

Fiber Access Terminal

Fiber Optic Wall Plate


The GP-T867 wall-mounted fiber optic outlet provides secure fiber termination and connectivity inside end-user premises. Its integrated splice tray and SC adapter ports enable quick deployment for FTTH networks.

Key Features:

  • Compact low-profile design (86 x 112 x 23mm)
  • Accepts 2x SC or LC adapters
  • Holds 2 or 4 fusion splices
  • 45mm splice sleeves for easy operations
  • Window to monitor splices/fibers
  • Wall mounting kit included
  • Plastic housing with RAL 9003 white finish


  • Dimensions: 86 x 112 x 23 mm (with cover)
  • Material: Impact-resistant plastic
  • Splice Capacity: 2 or 4 fibers
  • Compatible Fibers: G657A1, G657B3
  • Includes wall mounting screws and template

With its pre-loaded adapters, splicing tray and wall bracket, the GP-T867 plug-and-play fiber outlet simplifies deploying reliable fiber connectivity inside homes and buildings for FTTX networks.

Fiber Optic Wall Plate

The above product highlights and future prospects.

Fiber optic enclosures are fundamental components enabling the massive rollout of high-speed broadband using fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) and other fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) access network architectures. They provide secure housing to protect vital fiber optic connections against outdoor environments or indoor contaminants.

Various enclosure types cater to different network functions. The FTTH Outdoor Distribution Box allows initial splitter placement and aggregation of distribution fibers across many customers. Its flexible ports connect feeder and drop cables, while securing splices and splits. IP54 protection enables wall or pole placement, facilitating fiber access near customer buildings.

At the customer demarcation point, the FAT-8DY Fiber Access Terminal incorporates hardened SC adapters for simple drop cable patching without requiring hardened connectors. Its generous capacity accepts multiple customer fibers, allowing consolidation and testing. The IP65 rating ensures operation in harsh environments for reliable customer hand-off.

The GJS-D0484 dome closure specifically protects fiber splices, providing ample room for organizing multiple splice trays and fiber routing. It utilizes dome-shaped heat shrink sleeves for cable sealing. Various accessory kits assist all mounting scenarios – aerial, underground or direct buried.

Finally, at the subscriber premise, the GP-T867 Fiber Outlet presents plug-and-play fiber termination inside homes or offices. Its low-profile body can be surface mounted on walls, connected to in-house cabling via conduit. Integrated adapters, splicing tray and jumper storage simplifies rapid connectivity.

Across back-bone, distribution and drop segments, these fiber enclosures shorten lead times by eliminating complex field installations. Quick mounting options like brackets or pole-mounts accelerate network builds. Generous ports and splice capacity provides headroom for extra connections. And hardened bodies withstand vibration, moisture, winds and other environmental threats over decades.

As national fiber rollouts pick up steam globally, fiber terminals must scale manifold, requiring extreme field agility and rapid land-grabs. The plug-and-play convenience of optimized fiber enclosures directly addresses this need for speed. Their modularity also allows pay-as-you-grow expansion. Innovations like compact micro-cables and converters will maximize utilization further. Rapid-deployment fiber terminals are crucial to unlocking the next-generation internet revolution worldwide.

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