Understanding the Operation Process and Related Fields of Plastic Crushers

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Understanding the Operation Process and Related Fields of Plastic Crushers

Plastic Crushers Overview

What is a plastic crusher?

Plastic crusher, also known as plastic granulators or plastic crushers, are machines used to reduce the volume of plastic materials such as plastic chips, waste, debris, and cut edges of plastic products and packaging. They can crush, grind or shear rigid and semi-rigid plastic materials into smaller, uniform pieces or powders.

Plastic Crusher Types

There are several types of plastic Crusher:

  • Blade Pulverizers: Use rotating blades to cut and tear plastic into smaller pieces.
  • Hammer Mill: Uses a high-speed rotating hammer to impact and pulverize plastic.
  • Granulators: Use serrated blades and screening devices to produce uniform pieces of plastic.
  • Pulverizers: Use friction and impact to grind plastics into a fine powder.

Plastic Crusher Application

Plastic Crusher have several important uses:

  • Reducing the size of plastic chips for recycling and reprocessing
  • Producing secondary raw materials from recycled plastics for remanufacturing
  • Reducing waste volume to save storage and transportation costs
  • Processing in-house plastic waste and decontamination to generate additional revenue
plastic crusher


The operation process of plastic crusher

Feed (a machine)

The process begins with the manual or automatic feeding of plastic material into the machine's inlet or hopper. The capacity and size of the hopper determines the feed rate.


Once inside the crushing chamber, rotating blades, hammers or serrated discs crush and tear the plastic through impact, cutting and shearing actions. This breaks the material into smaller, uniform pieces.


The pulverized plastic falls onto a screen that allows the appropriate size pieces to pass through, while oversized pieces remain on the screen for further volume reduction. The size of the screen determines the size and shape of the output.


Suitably sized pieces of plastic are then discharged from the machine through an exhaust outlet. Some granulators use airflow to control dust removal and efficiently discharge the crushed material.

Areas and applications covered

Recycling industry

Plastic Crusher are widely used in recycling facilities to process post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste, allowing materials to be reused in the manufacturing process.

Plastics manufacturing

These machines are used in plastics production plants to recycle runners, strips, and cut edges of defective products and scrap, and to reprocess them into raw materials.

Waste management

Shredders can reduce the volume of bulky plastic waste as part of the waste treatment process, allowing for more efficient storage, transportation and handling.

Chemical industry

Reducing the size of plastic drums, containers and packaging allows for safer handling and processing of the chemicals or by-products left in them.

Overall, understanding how plastic pulverizers work through the feeding, pulverizing, screening and discharging processes allows us to better appreciate their important role in the recycling, manufacturing, waste management and chemical industries.

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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