Spicy marinade to enhance the flavor, teach you to cook authentic spicy chicken

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Spicy marinade to enhance the flavor, teach you to cook authentic spicy chicken

Spicy chicken is a favorite dish of many people, rich in flavor, color and aroma. To cook an authentic spicy chicken, spicy marinade is essential to the characteristics of the seasoning. Below to follow the steps of the editor, quickly learn this authentic spicy chicken practice!

Spicy Chicken Main Ingredients.


Chicken thigh 500g3 pieces of white onion
10g each of dried red chili pepper and peppercorns1 tbsp each cooking wine and soy sauce

Spicy Marinade

1 dried star chili5g each of pepper and cinnamon1 star anise
Ginger 10gGarlic 5gRock sugar

Production steps

  1. Chicken thighs clean, in the bone seam in a few cuts, add a little wine and soy sauce marinade for 20 minutes; white onion cut into sections; chili pepper cut into sections; other spicy marinade materials ready.
  2. Put the amount of water in the pot, add all the ingredients of spicy marinade, high heat boil and turn to medium-low heat for 1 hour, turn off the heat.
  3. The original pot add chicken thighs, dried red chili peppers and the appropriate amount of marinade, cook for 20 minutes, add peppercorns and green onions, burn until the chicken thighs taste after the pot can be.


  • Choose bone-in chicken thigh meat with moderate fat and lean, the meat is more tender.
  • The marinade should be boiled until thick and rich, so that it can fully penetrate and enhance the freshness.
  • The amount of chili pepper added can be adjusted according to personal taste.

We hope you'll try this authentic Spicy Marinated Spicy Chicken! Make this colorful and flavorful home-cooked dish for family and friends, and you're sure to win a lot of compliments!

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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