Apple suddenly releases iOS 17.3.1 with incredible battery life and drastically optimized signals

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Apple suddenly releases iOS 17.3.1 with incredible battery life and drastically optimized signals

Apple released iOS17.2.1 after the sudden release of iOS17.3.1, a lot of partners have received a push, there are some users said did not receive a push, which in the end is how it is, in fact, this version is also the official release of the iOS17.3beta1 preview version, known as the industry fruit powder iOS17.3.1 to facilitate the differentiation of the version, then everyone concerned about the smoothness degree, battery life, heat, signal of these four major aspects have not been optimized? The following is to share with you iPhone 13Pro Max upgrade iOS17.3.1 real experience feeling and upgrade method.

First of all, let's talk about the smoothness, we all know that the iPhone 13Pro Max is equipped with 120Hz high brush, but in the iOS16 system as well as the early iOS17 version did not fully open 120Hz, resulting in the user thinks that it is not silky smooth enough, but after upgrading to iOS17.3.1, it opens up the 120Hz high brush, no matter in the daily office software or in the large games can be able to Feel the ultimate silky experience.

Is there any optimization of battery life on iPhone 13Pro Max upgraded to iOS17.3.1? First of all, the conclusion, the battery life optimization is indeed very top, in iOS17.2 when playing King of Glory 1 hour power drop 25%, such a power drop rate is obviously abnormal, upgrade to iOS17.3.1 the same 1 hour of King of Glory, the power drop is only 16%, iOS17.2 brush Jieyin 2 hours of power drop 27%, and upgrade to iOS17.3.1 brush Jieyin 2 hours of power drop 20%, the battery The battery life is indeed enhanced significantly.

iPhone13Pro Max upgraded to iOS17.3.1 when playing large games such as Honor of Kings, the heat is obviously lower than the iOS17.2 temperature, daily light office use almost no heat.

After upgrading to iOS17.3.1, iPhone 13Pro Max also has 2-3 frames of 5G signal in the subway station, and most of the time the signal is full in outdoor scenes, and the download network speed is also very obvious compared to iOS17.2.

There is a lot of user feedback, now the winter temperature is low, the south is not heated, the phone is placed in a low temperature environment for a long time is prone to automatic shutdown or abnormal power loss, in the version before iOS17.2 such a situation is more serious, upgraded to the iOS17.3.1 so far to see for the time being did not encounter such a situation.

This time iOS17.3.1 brings good optimization, if you want to upgrade friends need to search for "Apple Developer" app in the Apple Store, download and install it, and then open the click account to sign in your Apple ID on the line. Then go back to Settings - General - Software Update - Beta page to sign in to your account and wait for about 10 minutes to refresh.

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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