Five tools to get GPT-4 for free

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Five tools to get GPT-4 for free

It is undeniable that GPT-4 brought by OpenAI is already one of the most popular and powerful large language models (LLM) in the world. Most people will need to use the ChatGPT Plus subscription service to access GPT-4. For this, they usually pay $20 per month. So the question is, if you don’t want to have this monthly expense, can you still use GPT-4 related services for free? Below, I will discuss 5 alternative paths with you.

1. Microsoft’s Bing Chat


Microsoft is one of the first companies to work directly with OpenAI. They have invested billions of dollars into the company and its artificial intelligence research. In return, Bing Chat for Microsoft Edge has become one of the top ways to use GPT-4 for free. It allows each user to create up to 300 chats per day, while each Bing Chat is limited to 30 rounds of questions. Although this limitation may result in insufficient space for you to ask questions, it is sufficient for most users.

Bing Chat


Of course, the Bing Chat tool has other advantages. For example: You can use OpenAI DALL-E 3's Vincent Image tool for free to create highly detailed original images through text input.



As a promising artificial intelligence tool, can also call GPT-4 for free. Although the free version of Perplexity does not explicitly state that it uses GPT-4, after switching it to "Copilot" mode, you can directly use GPT-4 with "only 5 questions every 4 hours" .

If OpenAI is committed to creating general artificial intelligence, then seems to be committed to reshaping Internet search. That said, the tools it provides are a good choice for users who want a turbo-charged search experience.

The subscription fee is the same as ChatGPT Plus, and if you’re willing to pay $20 per month, you can upgrade to’s Pro version. Meanwhile, you can ask over 300 questions powered by Copilot and use Anthropic’s Claude 2 model, uploading any number of files for AI analysis.


As a convenient Chrome browser extension, Merlin can also provide free query and access to GPT-4 for a limited number of times per day. Merlin's advantages are mainly reflected in requests. As a free user of Merlin, you can receive a quota of 102 requests per day. Of these, each GPT-4 issue will consume you 30 requests. Similar to most free GPT-4 tools, you get about 3 free GPT-4 questions per day. In addition, Merlin also provides the option to access network requests, but this will double the number of requests: 60 requests instead of 30.



Of course, since only one request is required per question, GPT-3.5's request cost is much lower. And you can integrate Merlin into your social media accounts on demand.

The download link for the free subscription version of Merlin for Google Chrome is -


As an Open Playground tool (Translator's Note: Unlike ChatGPT, which is designed for general purposes, OpenAI's Playground is mainly designed for programmers and provides developers with an interface to develop or fine-tune other machine learning models), Nat. dev only provides limited GPT-4 access. In other words, depending on the number of users, your GPT-4 request may not be processed. Therefore, users often need to wait patiently when using this tool. However, if you're not that concerned about using GPT-4, you can choose from a large collection of other integrated LLM alternatives, at least 20 of them. After all, although GPT-4 is good, other LLMs can also provide a productive and practical experience based on your actual requirements.

5.Hugging Face

Hugging Face is an open source machine learning and artificial intelligence development website. Currently, thousands of developers are collaborating and building tools.

However, I think the GPT-4 access mode on Hugging Face is unreliable. During testing, several Hugging Face Spaces that claimed to have access to GPT-4 either took too long to answer questions or were limited by the processing power of Hugging Face's free account. The picture above shows one Space that hasn't processed the test issue after ten minutes, while another Space asked me to enter the key for the ChatGPT API.

Jamie Ding

Jamie Ding

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